Corporate Governance Report

“Good corporate governance is about ‘intellectual honesty’ and not just sticking to rules and regulations.”

- Mervyn King (Chairman - King Report)

In line with its commitment to intellectual honesty, Redington believes in adhering to global standards of corporate ethics that enables principled goal setting, effective decision making and appropriate monitoring of compliance and performance. It is indubitably accepted by Redington that Fairness, Transparency, Accountability and Consistency are the cornerstones of good corporate governance.

The Company believes that good corporate governance has to be woven into the DNA of the organization helping to build a distinctive culture from top to bottom. Therefore the practices of your Company extend beyond legal provisions and voluntarily adherence to a set of strong governance principles. In the present competitive Corporate scenario, your Company ensures high ethical standards and a disciplined approach in pursuing excellence in all its sphere of business. The Management believes that they are the trustees of the investors’ capital and other stakeholders’ interests. They believe their business practices should be founded on transparency, disclosure, accountability and financial controls, the four pillars of a good corporate governance system. 


Corporte Governance Report 2015                        Code of Business Conduct and Ethics