The Redington Advantage


  • Over the years the brand 'REDINGTON' has evoked a strong sense of trust among many of its global vendors and partners across India and overseas.
  • Redington has the ability to add exceptional value to the Brands it supports by innovating relevant strategies that not only add value but provide business solutions to the vendors and channel partners to enable them to conduct their business seamlessly and with minimal hitches.
  • Redington thrives in nurturing the relationship and working closely with its business partners to meet, its own, the vendors and the channel partners, brand aspirations.
  • Staying lively and responding efficiently to market changes enabled Redington to manage the inherent risks in the business and provide a cost effective distribution solution to the vendors and channel partners.
  • As a neutral third party hardware service provider, Redington provide best of quality after sales support services to many reputed global brands and enables the brands to meet their warranty and post warranty obligation quite seamlessly. 
  • Through Redington service centres spread across the country, Redington ensures customer satisfaction by giving the benefit of cost effective, quality service next to their doorstep. 
  • Redington extends trade finance to the IT distribution channel to meet their finance requirements with a variety of customized products and solutions thus nurturing the entrepreneurship of resellers through finance.
  • Redington offers the entire gamut of logistics services under one roof in a dedicated mutli-client facility thus providing a one stop solution for all SCM needs.