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Postal Ballot 2013

The Company sought consent of the Shareholders by way of postal ballot for the following resolutions:

1. Sale of Equity Shares held by the Company in M/s Easyaccess Financial Services Limited

2. Transfer of Company's Support Services business to a wholly owned subsidiary

3. Increasing the limits to make loans or investments and to give guarantees or to provide security in connection with a loan made under Section 372A of Companies Act, 1956 / Section 186 of Companies Act, 2013

 The aforesaid resolutions were passed with requisite majority.

 For further details, please refer to the detailed resolutions and explanatory statements in the notice and results.

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Postal Ballot 2012 – Transfer of Company's Supply Chain business to a wholly owned subsidiary

Considering the specific and diverse needs of different businesses, there is an increasing need to distinctly focus the efforts and resources towards growth and development of each line of business. As part of your Company's business strategy, the Board assessed various restructuring options to optimize and streamline operations for effective management of the Company.

Since your Company's SCM operations are well poised to access opportunities in the fast growing Third Party Logistics (3PL) space, it is proposed to capitalize these opportunities by making the SCM operations independent from the Company, as neutral logistics service provider. After consideration of various options, it was proposed to transfer SCM business to a Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS).

It was also proposed to insert a clause in the Main Object Clause authorising your Company to lease the movable and immovable properties including all types of industrial and office plant, facilities, equipments, machinery and vehicles of the Company.

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Postal Ballot 2010 – Increasing the FII and NRIs/ PIOs investment limit under Portfolio Investments

 In terms of the provisions of Portfolio Investment Scheme under the Foreign Exchange Management (Transfer or Issue of Security by a Person Resident outside India) Regulations, 2000, the ceiling for overall investment for Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) is 24 per cent of the paid up capital of the company and 10 percent for Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Person of India Origin (PIOs).The ceiling of 24 per cent for FIIs investment can be raised up to sectoral cap/statutory ceiling and the ceiling of 10 percent for NRIs/ PIOs can be raised to 24 percent of the equity paid up capital of the Company, subject to the approval of the board and the general body of the company by passing a special resolution to that effect


It had come to the notice of the Company that the above threshold limit has recently been marginally exceeded. Therefore it was proposed to enhance the said FIIs and NRIs/PIOs investment ceiling limit upto 100 percent and 24 percent respectively of the equity paid up capital of the Company which are the limits permitted by the Reserve Bank of India.


This had enabled the FIIs to acquire shares of the Company through authorised dealers within the revised ceiling under the Portfolio Investment Scheme.

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Postal Ballot 2008 – Amendment of Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA) of the Company was framed in the year 1961 when the Company was incorporated and has got amended few times to pave way for reflecting changes in the company’s activities and changes in the Indian Companies Act, 1956. No thorough overhaul was done in the MOA to meet various requirements for a listed company and to enable the company to handle varied transactions both organically and inorganically.


Keeping this in mind, and as opined by the legal counsel, the Company proposed to amend the MOA and bring it in line clearly with the existing regulatory requirements.

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  • Location and time of previous Annual General Meetings:







    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    31st July 2014

       Thursday 10.30 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    2nd August 2013

       Friday 10.30 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    31st July   2012

       Tuesday 10.00 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    22nd July  2011


    10.00 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road,Chennai -600 018.

    20th July 2010


    10.00 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    24th July 2009


    02.00 P.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    26th July 2008


    11.00 A.M.


    Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall, No.314, T.T.K Road, Chennai -600 018.

    26th July 2007


     10.00 A.M.

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The company has the policy of declaring dividend at certain percentage and plough back the balance profits for future business expansions. The Company’s policy on declaring dividend is 20% of the consolidated profits of the company.The Board of Directors recommend dividend for any Financial Year out of the profits available and the same gets approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Upon approval by the members at the Annual General Meeting the company will pay the dividend within 30 days of declaration. 

 Dividend Trend at Redington since Listing



* To augment resources for serving the long-term loans taken from the banks, the Company had declared a lower dividend.

On approval by the Members at the General Meeting, the Dividend is paid to all benefi cial owners in electronic form as per data made available by NSDL and CDSL and to all shareholders in respect of shares held in physical form after giving effect to valid transfers in respect of transfer requests lodged with the Company on or before the close of business hours pf the Record Date. All correspondence with regard to share transfers/dividends and matters related therewith may be addressed directly to the Company’s Registrar and Share Transfer Agents at M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Limited, ‘Subramanian Building’, No. 1, Club House Road, Chennai - 600 002. Members are requested to lodge/notify the transfer deeds, communication for change of address, Bank details, ECS details, wherever applicable, mandates (if any) with the Company’s Registrars and Share Transfer Agents, M/s. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd., for shares held in physical mode.

Unclaimed Dividend

Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide its Gazette notification No. G.S.R. 352(E) dated May 10, 2012, notified “Investor Education and Protection Fund (Uploading of information regarding unpaid and unclaimed amounts lying with Companies) Rules, 2012”. As per this Rule, companies have to upload details of unclaimed dividend on their website.

Accordingly detailed information of Unclaimed Dividend is provided below for the benefit of Investors

Details of unclaimed dividend as on 3rd August 2015   Click Here




Particulars Details
Authorised Capital Rs. 85 Crore
Paid-up Capital Rs. 79.91 Crore
Face Value of the Share Rs.2/-
Rights attached to the Equity Shares Each holder of equity share is entitled for one vote per share, No other kind of share were issued by the company

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