Technology Distribution

The business expertise of Redington and its subsidiaries lies in end-to-end supply chain management complete with the rendering of logistics and after-sales support. Redington has emerged as a leading supply chain solutions provider for global brands in the IT and non-IT (Consumer and Digital Lifestyle products) verticals in international and hard-to-penetrate geographies. Redington's distribution strategies differ for IT and non-IT verticals in the channels adopted.

Distribution of IT Products

Redington is a leading supply chain solutions provider for global brands of IT hardware and software products.

The distribution eco-system for IT products has played a very important role in taking the technology and its products within easy accessibility of all classes of the Indian consumer. Starting with a 3-branch, 25-dealer operation in 1994, Redington today reaches out to its channel partners through 81 sales locations and 147 warehouses. The value-adds that we offer to our channel partners include:

  • Identifying synergistic business opportunities for our partners.
  • Discussing portfolios of various brands and short-listing the most appropriate vendor for a particular partner.
  • Helping the partner draw up suitable business plan in consultation with the vendor.
  • Help him plan stocking requirements, product transition and gradual scaling of business.
  • Structure suitable credit offerings, in line with the products and business volumes being handled by the partner.
  • Guiding the partners in logistical requirements of complex projects.
  • Providing our understanding of various statutory compliances.

For our various vendors we offer:

  • A readily available Go-To-Market route for their products.
  • The domain knowledge for different business cycles and product velocities.
  • The knowledge base of individual strengths, weaknesses, priorities and focus areas of a vast number of channel partners.
  • Commercial and Logistical structuring of complex projects.
  • Market Developmental work for selected vendors in the SMB/SME space.

Redington has a well-diversified vendor portfolio in all product categories. For information on the IT product bouquet, click on


Distribution of Non-IT Products (Digital Lifestyle, Smart Communications, Telecom, Consumer Electronics and Digital printing)

Redington has carved out a strong presence in the non-IT distribution space with a product portfolio that encompasses consumer electronics, telecommunication, Gaming and digital lifestyle products. The non-IT business model differs from the IT business model primarily in terms of addressal of Channel that cater Predominantly to the Retail market. The business model varies both between products and between brands.

Overall, the Non-IT business model addresses three distinct channels consisting of:

  • Large Format Retailers (LFRs) and Organized Trade Chains (OTCs). LFRs typically distribute products across categories such as IT, Telecom and so on. OTCs trade only products related to a particular category. Both may have a national or regional presence.
  • Multi-Brand Outlets (MBOs) are typically spread widely across the country and vary in terms of size and product offerings. In order to scale the distribution reach quickly, MBOs are handled via Redistribution Stockists (RDS).
  • Corporate partners of various sizes from small to large.

Product Channel Variation: Telecom products, for example, would be hugely driven by the Multi-brand Outlet (MBO) channel as compared to Digital Printing which is hugely based on Corporate Partners.

Brand Channel Variation: Some brands predominantly sell through the Multi-Brand Outlet channel, whereas the others are driven their own authorized partners and resellers. Redington has the flexibility to customize the Go To Market as per the vendor requirements.

Most vendor engagements with Redington are on an exclusive basis PAN India or for a particular Territory .